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Customs Clearance

Animal Air Care World WIdeAll animals arriving from outside the UK need to be cleared by HMRC (UK Customs) and for a small, additional fee Animal Aircare can act as the Customs Clearing Agent on your behalf.

Customs Arrivals Procedure

All import pet consignments will need to have their details processed for a UK Customs Clearance. For a small, additional charge we can undertake this process, thus providing you with a seamless service.

Should you would wish us to act as your Customs Clearing Agent upon arrival at London-Gatwick Airport we are more than happy to provide you with a quotation. In order to do this we will require some additional information by having the attached forms completed:

Please fully complete, sign and return these 2 documents to

This will help us to understand the circumstances behind your pet’s entry into the UK. For example, it may be that your pet is returning to the UK from a temporary stay overseas, or perhaps you are relocating to the UK after an extended period overseas.

If you are moving your home to the UK you may be able to apply for a TOR01 (Transfer of Residence) which will allow you tax relief on your customs clearance. You can download this form here.

In the event that you are obliged to pay VAT upon arrival then we will need to know your pet´s freight charges, its present value, and how you came about owning it.




“Hello, I wanted to get in contact to say a huge thank you to all the help that was provided by Gatwick Animal Centre in relation to the transport of my little puppy Milo (golden Labrador). We travelled to Bermuda last Monday and while Milo was a bit shaky after the flight, it was a short-lived experience and I’m happy to report he is now terrorising our home : ) The care and attention he got was absolutely super and also the reassurances made to me.”

Bob H. (Plymouth)

“This is a big thank you for your clear love towards all the animals. We are home and she is out exploring her new home, came straight out of her travel box and relaxed, absolutely fantastic.”

Pamela P. (Cheltenham)

“Thank you, that's a big help and has put my mind at ease. Thank you for your prompt reply.”

Joe M. (Dorset)

“Thank you both very much for taking care of Ludo and ensuring that he was able to return to Ireland safely. It was great to know that he was looked after for his overnight stay in Gatwick.”

Suzanne J. (Dublin)

“I want to thank you all so much for looking after his wellbeing at both Toronto and Gatwick. I heard at Gatwick that you let him out to stretch his legs and use the litter tray. He was also clean with a clean kennel upon my arrival. Although a stressful time (for us both) he is home now and seems to be doing well. Thank you all so much for caring, it truly means a lot to me!”

Carole J. (Brighton)

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