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Travelling Boxes

Animal Air TravelThe Vari Kennel meets airline requirements (IATA 91/628/EEC) and has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Travelling Boxes

We hold a small selection of travelling boxes for sale at the Gatwick Airport Animal Reception Centre. Contact us for additional information including our prices.

The size of travelling box to be used for your pet must satisfy the minimum requirements of the IATA regulations: your pet must have room to stand up and turn around in the travelling box and, when standing, there must be  2-3″ of clearance between their head and the top of the box. They must additionally be able to lie down and stretch out their front legs to full length.

To calculate the size of box required it is important to measure your pet accurately. The following formula may be useful for calculating the minimum internal dimensions which will be needed for the travelling box:

Length = A + ½ B
Width = C x 2
Height = D


A = the length of the animal from the tip of the nose to the base/root of the tail.
B = the height from the ground to the animal’s elbow joint.
C = the width across the shoulders or the widest point (whichever is the greater).
D = the height of animal in a natural standing position from the top of the head, or from the ear tip to the floor (whichever is higher)

Note: Snub nosed breeds require a 10% larger travelling box.

In addition to the minimum size requirements, travelling boxes must be adequately ventilated by way of an open end (covered with bars, welded mesh or smooth expanded metal) and ventilation openings on the remaining three sides. The maximum size openings for welded mesh must be 25mm x 25mm (1 inch x 1 inch) for dogs and 19mm x 19mm (3/4 inch x 3/4 inch) for cats*

* openings may need to be smaller than this in order to be nose and paw proof.


“Hello, I wanted to get in contact to say a huge thank you to all the help that was provided by Gatwick Animal Centre in relation to the transport of my little puppy Milo (golden Labrador). We travelled to Bermuda last Monday and while Milo was a bit shaky after the flight, it was a short-lived experience and I’m happy to report he is now terrorising our home : ) The care and attention he got was absolutely super and also the reassurances made to me.”

Bob H. (Plymouth)

“This is a big thank you for your clear love towards all the animals. We are home and she is out exploring her new home, came straight out of her travel box and relaxed, absolutely fantastic.”

Pamela P. (Cheltenham)

“Thank you, that's a big help and has put my mind at ease. Thank you for your prompt reply.”

Joe M. (Dorset)

“Thank you both very much for taking care of Ludo and ensuring that he was able to return to Ireland safely. It was great to know that he was looked after for his overnight stay in Gatwick.”

Suzanne J. (Dublin)

“I want to thank you all so much for looking after his wellbeing at both Toronto and Gatwick. I heard at Gatwick that you let him out to stretch his legs and use the litter tray. He was also clean with a clean kennel upon my arrival. Although a stressful time (for us both) he is home now and seems to be doing well. Thank you all so much for caring, it truly means a lot to me!”

Carole J. (Brighton)

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